Monday, August 24

operation #nomorefattyboop

Around the end of May, I experienced my first extended version of an irregular heartbeat. I have on rare occasions felt as though my heart was out of rhythm, but never for more than a few moments each time. In this instance, I continued to feel as though my heart was skipping a beat for several hours. My family history (multiple generations of arrhythmia) is not a pretty one in regard to heart health, so I didn't hesitate to have it checked out. 

After some time on the EKG, the doctor revealed that I was experiencing PVCs or premature ventricular contractions. The PVCs are in most cases completely harmless, but given my family history, I should do the following: minimize caffeine (I have an addiction to Coke and chocolate), reduce stress and fatigue (I'm a wife, mom of two, work full-time, and live on a farm), and eliminate alcohol (at least one is a non-issue for me). All of the aforementioned are considered triggers and highly increase the likelihood of having more frequent and longer lasting PVC episodes.

Shortly after my trip to the ER, we headed South for the ocean. Our week at the beach was relaxing, and I even attempted to cut back on some of the caffeine. The PVCs had completely stopped by mid-week. I wonder if it's fair to say that I need a beach vacation at least once a quarter?


Although the PVCs had come to an end, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they returned if I did not make a change to my diet. Did I mention that I love Coke and chocolate? So much, that I drank and ate lots of it, every day. Oh, and let's not mention the fact that exercise is a foreign concept to me. As an athlete all through high school and even into college, I'm ashamed to say that I never attempted to maintain that aspect of my life afterward. BIG mistake. (Insert Julia Roberts tone of voice here from Pretty Woman.) These memes below are perfectly descriptive of my attitude towards the two.


On our way home from vacation, despite my love affair with Coke and chocolate, I made the decision to implement the changes needed to be more heart healthy. I would begin eating better - no more fast food, consume minimal caffeine, view chocolate as a treat rather than an every meal staple, and start exercising.  Operation purge the cabinets occurred.


A few years ago, I had successfully lost weight following Weight Watchers. So, being familiar with this program and knowing firsthand that it works for me, I chose to start the WW Points program again. We returned from vacation on a Saturday, and the following Monday was go time. 

On that Monday, I weighed in at 165.8. Today marks ten weeks since I began the program. I am thrilled to share with you how my scales read this morning.

That's 18 pounds!!! My goal is 135. I'm averaging close to 2 pounds down per week, and I'm perfectly satisfied with that loss rate. The first few weeks of the program, I was adamant about not splurging or going over my weekly points, but my inability to be flexible eventually imploded. The absence of a real Coke with shaved ice and chocolate of any sort for so long became too great that I had an entire splurge week.

In my opinion, the best part about Weight Watchers is when something like that happens, whether it be a day or a week or longer, simply start afresh the next day because all that you have worked for will not be undone. Get right back up and keep pressing towards the mark!  

Beginning with week ten, I adjusted my strategy a bit. My focus now is being exceptionally good through the week and a bit more lenient on the weekend, enjoying the foods I love while still controlling portions.

I need to say how thankful I am to God for daily renewing my strength and discipline to make smart choices in regards to what and how much I consume and to resist the emotional need to eat. The struggle is real. I hope to share more of my struggles and victories over the past few weeks in posts to come.

Now, in addition to practicing diet discipline, I need to start focusing on the exercise aspect. I had started the Couch to 5k program but was derailed as a result of knee pain. My knees have recovered, and I have a new pair of running shoes. Let's do it


Stay classy through the chaos. 


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