Monday, December 11

the ollie swaddle

My Littlest Farmer has loved being swaddled from day one. I truly believe that the nurses in the hospital have a special skill when it comes to swaddling newborns. I'm pretty sure it sets the tone for them wanting that same feeling from that point forward. And I cannot for the life of me, even after having baby #3, mimic a nurse's swaddling skills.

So, in order to compensate for my inept swaddling abilities, I used the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle with all three of my children. But only with my third did I become aware of the Ollie Swaddle. Have you heard of it? I hadn't heard of it until recently, but am so glad that I did. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my Littlest Farmer's favorite swaddle for daytime naps.

Friday, December 8

friday favorites: a little kate spade, a good book and elf shenanigans

Happy Friday, Friends!

I seriously contemplated skipping this post today, but instead decided to be uber short and sweet. It's been a bit of a crazy week, plus my middle Little Farmer has a stomach bug. Thankfully, he appears to be on the mend. Praying now the remaining four of us are spared.

1 << I'm hoping to do a book recap soon, but until then, I have to share maybe one of the best books I've read in awhile - It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I seriously didn't want to put it down from beginning to end. This needs to be next on your list if you haven't read it already.

Wednesday, December 6

four reasons why i love my dockatot

Disclosure: I received product compliments of DockATot.

Attention all expectant mamas and mamas with children under the age of three. I want to introduce you to your new best friend - the DockATot.

I first learned of the DockATot a few months ago while reading a friend's blog and was immediately intrigued. I was even more excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with DockATot and find out for myself whether this product is really as amazing as they say. I started using the Dock when my Littlest Farmer was approximately ten weeks old.

As a mother of three, I am well aware that every baby is different and so are their sleep tendencies. My oldest Little Farmer is seven and was a wonderful sleeper from the beginning. He began sleeping all night from an early age and still, to this day rarely wakes at night. My middle Little Farmer was the complete opposite. Once he outgrew his swaddle, which was around six months, he awoke almost every night. We eventually committed the huge no-no of letting him sleep with us just so we could get a full night's rest. We didn't officially break that habit until he was around 2.5 and I was pregnant with our Littlest Farmer.

Our newest Little Farmer falls somewhere in between. He starts out in his crib, but at some point during the night gets a little restless. He is soothed with a pacifier but it usually takes a few times to do the trick. I'm guilty of placing him in bed with me just to get some sleep. However, when doing this, my sleep wasn't solid and my arm would be in a kink by morning. That's when the DockATot became my new best friend. Here's why and three other reasons why I love my Dock.

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